TheKENStyle by Ken Castle


In order to reach your physical goals, fitness has to become more than just a temporary fix in your day to day activities, it has to become a permanent lifestyle. Now this may sound scary, but you need to step out of your comfort zone and make this enormous decision if you’re going to see changes in the way you look and more importantly the way you feel.

Are you hesitant right now to take the leap? Probably.


We as humans naturally don’t like discomfort. But ask yourself this, would you rather feel uncomfortable making a positive change in your life or would you rather live uncomfortably knowing you’re not happy with your health and the way you look. I’ll take the time to get to know your needs and design a specific plan to help you ease into the process of changing your body, one step at a time.

From cardio, muscle training, custom diets (there is no single diet, everyone is different) to weight loss, these are all the things I must admit, I love and the lifestyle and the positive impact that it has on me and whoever takes in my advice. I am here to help you.


Training covers a wide range of categories not all of which are suited for every single person. We are all different and we are all at different stages of fitness, muscle strength, experience. I help people with customized, ongoing/upgrading training and fitness plans that start where they need and carefully, and specifically, take them forward based on their progress and updates.

I always take into consideration a person’s current physical condition, personal goals, available time and much more.


Notice how I’ve decided to not use the word “diet” here. That might just be the most loathed word in my vocabulary. Why? Because over the years fad diets have come and gone and people have jumped on and off of them simply to get a quick fix. I don’t believe in “dieting” for success.

I believe in a PLAN for success.


And when it comes to nutrition, you need a plan. All my nutrition plans are customized to your needs, food preferences and eating habits. It’s all about breaking our addiction to unhealthy foods and finding the beauty in healthy alternatives. Eat better. Look better. Feel better.


The first thing I need to know what your end goal is, and secondly, although not mandatory, what is motivating you to embark on this incredible transformation. The path forward is always easier when a goal is visible. So lets visualize together and build that path one step at a time – at your pace – challenging you to improve at each stepping stone.

I commend you on making the decision to break out of your comfort zone, it’s a decision many people are afraid to take, and in my opinion, the most difficult one.

Let’s move forward together and build a healthier, happier you.